Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOW!! I'm Alive Honestly

Okay, so I don't have pictures for this post, I left my SD card at home. I meant to bring it. . . but honestly, in the morning I am lucky to be wearing my glasses, and I can't see very well! Hahaha

So, since I have a break tonight, I will post pictures of Valentine's Day stuff!

I got Tom a Wii Wares game, and he got me some wine! LOL what a pair! 100% Cherry wine which is really yummy. OH! we live in the Cherry Capital of well, I think the world. Good ol' Michigan! :) So we have a lot of different cherry items here. However, they are all very good tasting, and good for your body!

I am also happy to say, that I am getting closer and closer to opening my shop up! The spare room in our house has turned into my crafting space, stuff everywhere. Plus I had a few private orders to item, like hats and cowls to be knit. Which is nice because those will pay for my hair-cut this Friday LOL!!! I will have to take a before and after picture. Now, my natural hair color is just not appealing, it is a mix in between a dirty blonde, and a light brown, but honestly, with my pale skin, it's not great! I've done the lighter blonde now for a few years. But felt like it was getting flat and boring. So I've been transitioning towards a brunette. Comments? suggestions?
My fiance, Tom likes the darker look too. I'm not talking SUPER dark brunette, but a little chestnut look I think.

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