Monday, January 10, 2011

A List For 2011

So I have been pondering what I want to accomplish in 2011.

1. Of course this means my biggest plan this year is my wedding. So far the big elements are out of the way, like venue, catering. We are now getting ready to plan our honeymoon. :) Very exciting.

2. Continue knitting. I fell in love with knitting this year, I want to continue that this year. So far, my sweater has one sleeve, and I have started a few other cowls.

3. My etsy store. I really want to re-open a totally new store on etsy this year. More focused products and of course a more focused idea of the direction of my store.

4. Get into graphic designs. I plan to start with photoshop and continue from there. Where it will lead, I don't really know.

5. Work out more. I love my Wii fit. It's really helped me stay trim during the holidays, and hopefully until summer.

6. A new job. Come on 2011, 2009 bummer, 2010 bummer, I know this year is my time to shine!!!

I am also getting ready for my giveaway!! Only a few more posts, so keep a close eye on the prizes!! I might just slip in a picture or two!


Jill said...

Great goals! Will u post some links to your stuff you post on Etsy?
My roomie just got a Wii fit but I haven't tried it yet!

Kel said...

Totally!! My goal is by either the end of Feb. or the beginning of March, getting spring ideas!! :)

I love my Wii fit!!