Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favs!

So, while checking my email, I saw that Michaels is doing an awesome $1 sale on their Sugar n' Cream yarns! YAHOO!!!! I am soo there!

I am not going to be buying any clothes that I don't need this year in order to save up for our wedding. However, I had a gift card to American Eagle. I really really love their white boyfriend tanks. So, I stocked up on two whites, and one dusty rose, and one olive green. Should last awhile.

With the rest of my gift card I got this greyish lavendar cardigan. Now, I love cardigans, and I don't have one like this. So I think it will be a nice addition to my closet. Plus it will be worn in all seasons!
I have major plans for this weekend!! I plan on cleaning up the spare bedroom in our house, that has just been used as a library for our books/office. Well, the full potential is not being used! So, I plan on turning it into my craft/office space. :) Hopefully, Tom will be cool with this, hahaha. Pictures to come!!!
Plus, I will have pictures of my FIRST!! ever scarf design!! Look for it soon!

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AuroraMoose said...

I'm glad you found a few things you like!