Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Books and Magazine

So, due to my ever expanding obsession with knitting, I got this book The Knitter's Year by Debbie Bliss
So far I have not knitted anything from it, however I have been reading ever little pattern in it. I love the color structure throughout the entire book. I really want to start making some of the things in it, but I have set a goal to finish my sweater ASAP!!!

I want to re-open my etsy shop, but this time to re-do 99% or my concepts. Jill from Knitterella
suggested this book, Craft Inc. I love the concepts that this book brings. I have some new ideas that I plan to add to my shop. I hope I can bring some new elements to the table. Also, the items in my give-away (ONLY 5 MORE POSTS!!!) will feature what I will be adding to my new and improved shop. I cannot wait!!

I picked up this magazine for the long car-ride to downstate a few weeks ago. I love it! I really want to knit the cowl on the front cover. So, my boss gave my a gift-certificate to stores downtown, and tah-dah!! there is a yarn shop down there.

Now, normally, I don't really like going into the shop. One of the sale's people that work there makes me feel un-welcomed. I feel like I am messing up her stuff if I rummage through the yarn. I'm a tactile person, I have to feel the yarn to understand it. HOWEVER!!!! I went down with my Mum and we met the owner. She was in sorority with my Mum several years back. She was VERY nice, and I enjoyed my time there very much. I will return, but only when she's there. Sad, yes. . . I know.

This is what I got. Berroco Lustra and Berroco Sundae.
I will have to scale the cowl a bit differently, because the Lustra is thinner and the Sundae is a chunky, but I loved the color palette. Looks like a fast knit too, maybe I'll fit it in during my sweater. Oh!! I am 50% through one sleeve. Hahaha, only 1.5 more sleeves to-go. Then the body!!

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