Friday, January 28, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

So I am very excited to announce quickly here before we get to photo's that Monday!!! January 31! Will be my 100th post! And you all know what that means! (Finally!!!) I will be having my very first giveaway! Oh I am soo excited for this. (Not for the weekend to be over-with. . . ) but to have this giveaway. It will represent some of my pieces that will be in my up-and-coming shop! A lot will be revealed on Monday, pictures of my work-space at home, collection pieces, my business name!! and of course prizes!!

We now return you to your regularly schedule Favorite Things Friday post. . .

Following Josiah's Nest, I am very happy that the shop has opened again! Ohhh I might have to get this ubber cute necklace! Check it out

Another awesome designer is Oh Sweet Joy, and these adorable polka-dot button earrings! Might have to snag these as well! Check it out

I love Calvin and Hobbes!

My Cascade Magnum yarn came in the mail on Monday. OMG!! It was like the size of a small baby! I love it though, because I wanted to make. . .

Montebello Cowl by French Press Knits

I've talked about this cowl for awhile now, and finally had some time to get it done. Fast knit and great look to it.

I am tired of snow. I want to be able to wear my TOMS!! Plus I want these cordones! They are soo cute!!!

Plus, to go with my classics, I would love these red ones!
Honestly, can the snow go away! We have had enough! Trust me I love knitting, I love snuggling up on the couch with my fiance, but honestly, I am over the cold and snow! I have a lot of spring/summer knits planned, that I think I'll make!
Have a good weekend everyone, stay warm! And look for my post on Monday!!!!


Moriah said...

Thanks so much for sharing my shop! :)

Kel said...

Of course!! I love your shop!! might have to get more! :)

AuroraMoose said...

Hey if you look up local shops on etsy they have a couple ppl that make their own yarn in TC. I didn't check out their shops...but i thought u might be interested. And joe posted to pics on etsy. his name is Jansome Photography

AuroraMoose said...

BTW I am following your blog! HORN