Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

WOW, the temp. sure has dropped. However, I don't mind because YEAH!!! I have a whole new wardrobe! LOL. I usually pack all of my fall/winter clothes away when spring/summer is here. So I love when the season changes, because I get all new clothes again. :)

OMG, I felt like such a panicking moron last night. A little over two years ago, a hose in my car was cracked. I took it into the repair shop and well to make a long story short, they didn't fix the right thing, changed me $300 and my car over-heated while I was driving out to see my folks, had the cared towed back the repair shop when they FINALLY fixed it. Of course on them.
Anyways, so last night it felt like cold air was coming out again, making me panic. But, the car wasn't over-heating. So though I was almost paper-bagging it last night when I told Tom, everything was fine this morning. (rolls eyes). I am such a basket case when it comes to my car. I want it to last and last and last. So today I am getting an oil change and a car wash. I also think I need new front brakes soon, so I might just get those and have Tom changed them. (He did the back ones a few months ago).

Aside from that, and with it being an INSANE!! week here on campus, everything is cool. Tom's birthday is tomorrow! WEEEE!!! Of course, since I know he reads my blog I cannot secretly tell you what I got for him. However, I know he will like it :)

OH!!! The sun is out!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry. . . just saw it through my tiny window at work.)

Enjoy Thursday!

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