Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry Everyone

Sorry to those who found out about the update of our wedding through my blog and not in person. Yeah, I feel like one of those people who only posts updates about her life online. . . and not in-person. 

That is not the right way. However, Tuesday turned into a HELL DAY, the other office worker was not doing anything while I had students left and right along with the phone ringing off the hook!!! OMG!!!!

Anyways, I will try to get to the round of calls that I need to make to tell people officially. Again please everyone, except my most humblest apologies for the way that you found out. It was tasteless and not very well done. 

It is almost 5, and usually on Fridays I am out by 3pm but today is different since I do not currently have a car and since it was raining I couldn't ride my bike. Tom however has been a saint with picking and dropping me off. 

Take care, it is the weekend, and I plan to knit and enjoy a pumpkin pie latte this weekend. 


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