Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Corn Maze

Yes, this past weekend, Sunday cleared up and became a beautiful (but cool) day.
So we par-took in a local corn maze at Jacob's Farm.

It was getting warm with my black Hyvent on.

Kim (Tom's Mum) and Cali his niece.

Jenny with the map. Notice this is not my shadow as I am not that tall. So, neither of these two are mine, since well the corn was taller than me.

The entire walk was about 3 miles. A good work-out. Cali was getting tired so we didn't do the other two shorter maze's. However it was a lot of fun.
I cannot wait to get my pumpkins. Which yes, I haven't done yet because of the early crop this year, I don't want my pumpkins to be mold on Halloween.

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