Friday, September 17, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday, which was inspired by
Yellow Songbird
So, here is my post :)

Blazer from Forever 21

I love this sheep sweater, so cute, I could put another sweater over it and be super warm! Again Forever 21

Last piece for Forever 21, this red plaid shirt with corduroy accents. Super cute and warm!!

My new favorite website. Lands End Canvas.
I love this entire outfit!

This shirt is super cute with the little polka-dots. I think polka-dots are timeless! I have a few sweaters with small and large polka-dots just cannot be beat for that extra accents to an outfit.

I love cowl-neck sweaters. Comfy, cozy for autumn days.

This is really about the pants, but honestly, I love how they tucked the shirt in. Oh, plus the skinny jeans are a must!

Once, again I love the entire outfit. (Oh... I see my checking account being cleaned out. . . )
But it is really the straight jeans. I love jeans. I have cleaned my closet out and got rid of a lot of jeans that were just not what I wanted anymore. I like skinny/straight jeans that are not flares at the ends or wide-leg. I'm 5'5 which I know is not short, however, it sucks when I buy jeans that are too long and I always (and I do mean always) have to roll up the ends to not drag. I hate that scraping noise. So with straight and skinny jeans I can get away without having to always roll them up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I could get the hemmed. But for those of you who will completely understand what I am talking about when I say that hemming any-pants just is not the same anymore. For some reason, they will either come back too short or just not right. So. . . if I am going to continue to spend my hard-earned dollars I want something flexible.

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Kim said...

i have the same problem! grrr long jeans.

thanks for linking up :) i loved reading about your fashion finds!