Monday, May 17, 2010

Whats cookin doc?

I love to cook. . . blunt enough?
It all began when I became allergic to a lot of different foods and also my stomach could not handle processed foods either. So. . . that enlisted me to begin my adventures in cooking.
Since I have been job-shadowing at the local library, I have had the chance to browse their books quiet a bit. Here was my first haul of cookery-bookery (Julia Child)

I cannot wait to try some recipes from this book. I love classical authors, so the Book Club was a perfect choice. They ONLY problem I have with it, there are no HEMINGWAY recipes!!!! :(
For those of you how do not know me, I am a HUGE Ernest Hemingway fan. . . long story short, He was born on July 21, and so was I, only like 90 years different though. Hahaha.

I have not always liked Rachael Ray. However, I have loved her Everyday Magazine and figured I would give her another chance. The Get Real book is good because it is health conscious which is totally what I like to cook.

My Magazines!!! LOVE THEM!!!

OH Julia Child!!! I had to pick this up. I do not have a copy (though I dearly want one) and even though I probably couldn't not cook anything out of this book for fear of what my stomach would do, I don't care. I love Julia Child!!! (duh). She was a determined woman who never gave up. I love that and it just makes more determined as a woman to get published as well.

The Full haul on my bed.

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