Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Oh Thy Love Thee!

SOOO, I have been thinking of adding and subtracting to our lovely kitchen. We have drinkware that does not match. Now, in the past that has not been a problem. . . but now I want something more sofisticated!

These goblets are all from Target (love that store). I like the yellow or the green a bit more than the clear. Our kitchen will have a yellow, red and green feel to it.

I have also wanted to get a kitchen cart! These three are again, from Target. Personally my fav is the wooden one. The last one is nice too. I could have that in the dinning room to hold other things as well.

OHH I just love the thought of adding things to our home. This last one would be really good too, a wine rack below. ;) gotta keep that in good supply!

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