Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visiting Charles St.

So tonight, like every Wednesday night I head out to my folks place in Elk Rapids to have a "girl" night with my Mum. It is always super fun because we talk about fashion, hair, our pets and now our homes.

I never fully realized how beautiful my Mum makes her yard out to be. From the small animal figures, to the bird feeders, and the colorful decoration of flowers neatly planted all over the place. I am strictly a novice at this point in time since I have only owned a house for two months and my gardening skills have yet to reach official "green-thumb" status. I admire her for the great amount of effort she places into her yard every year.

There is construction going at Fern St. Possibly ten houses down from us they are tearing up the road. . . for what I have no idea. It should be interesting riding my bike tomorrow to work. I will try and get a first-hand scoop on the under-takings of this repair. With trusty camera in hands I will risk life, limb and dirt smudges to uncover this event.

Nighty night to everyone. . .

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