Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gala Awaits!!!

I am very excited to say that the first ever 1017 Fern St bash will be this coming Saturday May 22!!!!!

This event promises to rival those of famous celebrities. . . well maybe not that exciting but it will be fun!!!

I have just gotten my new Food Network Magazine and WOW, it is perfect! Tons of ideas
for finger foods. Which will be goal this week is to plan out the menu for this amazing gala.

So my wonderful fiance has been playing Monster Hunter Tri for the past week. I really enjoy watching it, since it is not a game that I think I could handle because I get anxiety ridden with those kind of games. Give me Cooking Mama any day!! (haha)

Okay, I know my wedding is not for another two years but a girl likes to plan. I went on and started to look up some ideas for wedding invitations. JUST IDEAS! Honestly, I am thinking of making my own. I consider myself pretty artsy and I think I could make unique ones without paying a fortune. No offense, all of these are lovely and would be amazing to have. BUT, Tom and I have to save-up for the honey-moon.

I know I have told a few people where I am going for my honey-moon but I would like to have a little guessing game.

I will make it easy for everyone and give it a dead give-away as to one of the locations on our destination. You must comment in order to find out the answer though. . .

It is where Julia Child and Paul Child were first stationed when they got to Europe

That is TOOO easy. :)
Have fun

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