Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 5: Pike's Market, Harbor Tour, One Step Program and Crab Pot

Day Five found us in our first full day in Seattle. Of course we made the trip to Pike's Place Market!

This place was amazing! Wish we had something like this at home.
Famous fish throwing vendor!

Getting ready to throw a fish. They only throw fishes when an order is placed. Lucky we came when we did.
Got the blurry fish toss!!
Really cool sign!
Made it to the first Starbucks Store!!!

This places was really cool! Probably the best Starbucks Latte I have ever had. Now, sorry to those loyal Starbucks fans out there. I have never been a HUGE fan or their coffee, but this place was different. . . maybe it was my cold, or the fact it was my first pumpkin spice latte of the season, but it was much better.

No glitz, no glam!
It was WARM!!! and Sunny!! So had to take a pic next to the giant piggy bank :)
Tom and I headed over to the Seattle Aquarium. This places was really cool. I've never been to one, and it was nice to check this place out. Diver feeding salmon.
Wall of jelly fish, the light would change color which would change the color of the jellies.
One of Tom's favorites, Seahorse.
The Crab Pot! We shall visit this place later, snapped a pic earlier though.
We took a harbor tour, so glad we did because it was such a great day to do it.
Space Needle!
Gotta snap a pic of us :)
WOW!! wait! is that Mt. Rainer! YES! We were super lucky, only 50 days out of the year is Mt. Rainer visible.
The breeze picked up, but a fellow tour mate took out pic for us.
City view

Closer view of Mt. Rainer.
This is a statue of a fisherman feeding pelican's. Tom had to take part.
The start of our Underground City Tour.
Check out these on the ground. Pretty cool.
Heading down. Okay, so the deal was Seattle was originally built at sea-level. Not the brightest idea. So in 1880's Seattle had a fire that burnt down most of the main part of the city. Everyone agreed that the city level should be raised. Well, the people who were going to build this wouldn't start for 8-9 months. Well the business's didn't like that because they weren't going to make any money. So they rebuilt, and then the city caught up to rebuilding the street. Only problem, the streets were 10 feet above the shops. Kid you not. Eventually, things were sorted out. But this tour was really cool.
Remember those tiles on the sidewalk, yeah their actually sky-lights for underground. Worked pretty well.
Good place for a haunted house! haha, pretty creepy.

We came up from the underground and saw this really cool building.

Back down below.
Our tour guide explaining to us.

Now, One-Step Program is thus: Since the business's were below the street level, one would get drunk, and to get back to street to get home, you would have to climb a ladder and well, a lot of people would get up to the street level and stumble. . . and yeah. . . get the One-Step idea? Apparently, they called the 17 deaths, invulentary suicides.
Yes, my best Price is Right Girl show. This is an original "Crapper" haha, Story of that. When they brought the crapper to Seattle, before the rebuild, plumbing should always be at the highest point, otherwise, you get water shooting back up at you. At high-tide ones toilet would spew out water. . . ewww
Outside the Art Museum. Didn't go, but I still thought this was cool.
We are now at the Crab Pot. YUMMY!! We got the boil, which came with dungeness crab and snow crab. It was soo wonderful!
My second cousin Kim and her fiance Curt. They live just outside of Seattle, so it was great to get together with them. Pretty cool, they both work at Boeing!
Yeah, you have to wear the bibbs!
You are given a wooden hammer and a wooden block to break open the crab. I loved it! best seafood ever!

Well that is the end of Day Five!


Nicole @ Sew Much Sunshine said...

I. LOVE. SEATTLE. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time.

Jill said...

wow, looks like a blast!!! My friend lives in WA, but not that close to Seattle. Eww fishy!!
my new blog url is:

Bob said...

Great Pics, Seattle can be very nice when the sun is shining. I love the way fish is stacked in ice in teh public market, the starbucks, the mountain view and the shopping mall