Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm back from Pacific NW!!!

Day One: Landing

I will have Wedding Photo's up soon, but till then, here are some delights from our honeymoon!
We landed in Seattle around 10am-ish on Sunday. Tom and I both knew we were not in Michigan anymore.

These houses rested on the hill tops. Amazing.

Mountains were amazing.

We are entering the Columbia River Gorge, across this bridge is Oregon!

The gorge was absolutely amazing!

We went along the historic trail, unfortunately, I caught a cold the first day, and was feeling really poorly by the time we got to the really cool falls. So something to make sure we do next time!

This fall was amazing!
We parked right across from the falls, so therefore I decided to venture out for a photo.

Really wished we could have hiked this one, but oh well. . . Tom still got some great shots!

So ends day one! I will try to post day two tomorrow.

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