Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final Day: Science Museum, Space Needle, Yummy Burgers and Jazz Club

So our final day lead us to the Science Museum. It was pretty cool, really geared towards kids, but it was still really fun.

Turtle Statues with a sea-gull in the background.

Pretty cool Dinosaur exhibit.

Honestly, the butterfly house was the best part of the science museum. I really enjoyed them flying around us.

View of the Space Needle is looming closer and closer.
Yikes, here we go!
The trip up, only took a few seconds. . . crazy!

Made it! It was such a great view!
The whole city from this vantage point!
Another kind person willing to take our photo.

The look out point inside.
Heading towards the Experience Music Project Museum. Really interesting building design outside.
Insane inside!

This mosaic was really cool. All different kinds of instruments circled around this. mostly guitars, but it was pretty sweet!

This was in the Avatar room. Tom was getting into a simulation to become a character and act out a scene in Avatar. He had fun!
More of the Avatar room.
The top of the instrument tornado.

Outside the EMP, pretty cool!
Red Mill Burgers was just soo good!!!

The burgers in this place were amazing! The onion rings were hand made!

After our meal we headed to The Triple Door which was a night club downtown Seattle. It was pretty cool! Good jazz!

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