Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 4: The Coast, Rainforest, EDWARD, and Seattle at Night

On Wednesday we left for the coast and headed towards Hoh Rainforest. It was such a beautiful drive all the way.

The coast, the Pacific ocean was amazing, we had blue sky all day! What luck.

A tree growing on top of another tree, we learned this was called a nurse tree. We would see a lot of them in the rainforest.
Giant Spruce Tree was what this one was labeled. A nice couple took our photo.
This was looking up the tree. Pretty big!
In the rainforest, trees were covered in this amazing moss.

The trees were just giant in this place!

I just looked like we had gone back 65 million years to the age of the dinosaurs! Really cool here.

This tree had grown around in an arch shape, pretty cool!

Such a tranquil place.

This tree is really cool, it was hollow under and it's like a hobbit hole!

This giant tree was lined along the path, Tom just felt he had to climb it and walk along.
We then left the rainforest, and headed to Port Angeles towards Seattle!
What a view!
As any Twilight fan must do, stop at the restaurant that Bella and Edward ate at IN THE BOOK! Not the movie!
Actually, this place had some really AWESOME Italian food. We splurged too, bought a bottle of wine! Local Washington wine, pretty good, not as sweet though as Michigan :)

This is a view of well Seattle! We are on the car fairy from Bainbridge Island to Seattle.

Tom got some really nice photo's of the city!

Space Needle at night!

We are about to land, and so ends Day 4!

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