Friday, October 14, 2011

Day Three: Portland Gardens and DONUTS!

Okay, so our last day in Portland was filled with typical attractions. First, was Powell's Book Store. This place was epic! FOUR floors, and over a million titles! A place that is a must for visiting! I snag a sweet mug here :)

The outside of the store had this column of books. Pretty sweet! Can I have this for my house?

Had to sample the bookstores cafe, yummy latte!

As we were leaving, I notice one of the titles for the books on the pillar. HAMLET!!! Yes, I instantly thought of my boy and missed him. (He is laying right next to me as I type, which since he is chubby, is not making typing easy. . . )

After Powell's we headed to the Chinese Gardens. Kind-of a strange location, with it being right in the city, but it was certainly pretty.

I loved the willow in these shots.

Bonsai were really cool.
The walkways were really cool! All of these little stones placed next to each other.
These tiles are called "Bat" tiles because they well, look like bats.
Using my new camera, I got some sweet panorama shots!

This was the tea house, which we went in. The smell was great, but was a bit out of price range, so we decided to buy a tin of tea, which cost less then to buy a cup. . . strange I know.

Next we ventured to a must go to place if you are ever in Portland.
VooDoo Donut. Good things come in pink boxes! So true, though we only got two donuts.

The inside was awesome!
And yes, the magic was in the hole!! haha, they had underwear that said that on it. . . tempted, but not at 20bucks!

I got the special voodoo doll donut, filled with raspberry filling! Yes that is a pretzel stick that you stick your doll with!
WHAT! is that bacon on a DONUT!!! haha, yes it is the maple bacon donut that Tom ordered. BEST EVER!!! Trust me, the smokey bacon flavor and the sweet maple was AWESOME!!!

Epic first bites! SOO GOOD. . . I want one now!

After getting out donut fill, we headed to the Portland Art Museum. Pretty cool, though not many photos. I was getting pretty tired by this point, and we still had another stop to make.
The Native American suite was pretty sweet!
However, I will never understand post modern art. . . we saw a giant black cube. . . WTF! Our 3 year-old niece can do better. . . So we promptly left for the Japanese Gardens.

This was outside of Portland just a ways, which made it a lot nicer than the Chinese Gardens.
Beautiful trees.

Some really nice ladies took our photo!

So green, I just kept thinking that over and over. Okay, so where we live is really green, but just not like this.

I loved how the moss covered a lot of sculptors in this place.

The koi were HUGE!!!! I loved the golden one! So pretty!

I love the waterfall!

Crossing a small bridge.
Winding steps.
After the Japanese Gardens we looked for a place to eat in the city.
I know it's hard to tell, but along this path was lined with street venders selling food.
Pretty cool scene.
Haha, had to stop at another Yarn Store.

We ate at Mother's Bistro, one of the best potato soups ever!!! Really nice to just relax, we got there before the rush. We then headed back to our hotel and did laundry, yes laundry, to save on space in our suitcase, we packed sparingly. We had to get ready for our next day's journey to the coast!!

Look forward to Day 4! Coast, Rainforest, Port Angeles! EDWARD!!! and night scene of Seattle!

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