Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wedding Part One

The Day Before

We held our wedding at a local place here in Northern Michigan. It was a lodge covered in hardwood and a lovely pavilion down by a small lake. It was perfect for us. We were hoping to have our ceremony outside and the reception inside. It took us a while to find this place, but when we did we knew it was perfect.
I had hand painted each bird house which had the table numbers written on them. A little bird sitting on each was Tom's idea. Nice touch I think.

We hung paper lanterns which Jenny (sister-in-law now :) and her husband Jon helped us put them up. It would have taken forever if it weren't for them.

I really want to incorporate mason jars in the wedding. So Tom came up with the idea of putting candles in them. Rocks as the bottom mini pumpkins surrounding the candle and moss and leaves around them. Then we got these pine cones from Tom's Mom. It was great!

See that's table 6! with the birdhouse and the little bird perched on it!

Tom's Mom also found these amazing lantern plants. They were perfect!!

Gift table :)

Another view of the place

I just loved the birdhouses!
I think this one was my fav cause the bird is on the chimney.

A lot of help from everyone, parents, siblings, friends. So much help to put everything together!

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Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

So cute, Kelly! We did birdhouses at our reception, too, but painted pink. ;) Can't wait to see more!