Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Made it past Monday and now we are getting into the thick of the week!
A lot has gone on in the past two weeks at the Haug house! Good changes I should say. So I am gonna link up with Sarah over at Yes, Teacher for Tickle Me Tuesday!

I have yet to knit a cozy cowl for myself this year. Hmmm, perhaps this one is in my future! I've been working on getting holiday knits out so that this year I am not rushing during Christmas Eve, like I was last year. Here's hoping! haha.

This year Tom and I finally made a Gingerbread House! I think it's cute, a little messy, but hey does it ever turn out like it does on the box??

And last but certainly not least! Our new addition to our kitty family. He's HUGE!!!! 19lbs! and only a year and a half! WOW!!! We were certainly surprised when we meet him. His name is Odin (yeah, like the Norse God) fitting for our strange brewed of cat names, Nanaki and Hamlet. . . now Odin. He's been with us for just over a week now and he is getting more and more used to the house. The other boys don't mind him as much anymore, and I can see playing in the future. He's a big fan of this chair in the living room. And he purrs like a motor!! He loves to be held, which I find is humorous considering his LARGE size. Tom is over the moon about him and so am I. Of course our other two boys get plenty of love during this adjustment period.

So that's my Tuesday!!! :)


Meeling said...

Your gingerbread house looks good...they are hard to make!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty kitty.

My Life Under the Bus said...

Lordy - you should see what my kids do to Gingerbread - I am sure it's against the law somewhere lol. The Kitteh is adorable - perhaps he is part Main Coon???

Annette said...

I think the gingerbread house is perfect the way it is! Your new kitty is adorable and looks mighty content where he is!

Sara said...

That is a gorgeous cowl, and gingerbread houses look better when they are messy!!!

AND HELLO ODIN!! What a sweet heart!

Sarah B. said...

Your gingerbread house looks amazing! And so yummy :) And your new cat looks adorable!!!

Elissa said...

Our gingerbread houses usually end up looking like condemned tenement buildings. I'm surprised the Gingerbread Association hasn't sued us for being slum lords:)
Your's looks really good!