Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year In Review

This year of 2010 has been filled with new exciting adventures which will continue into next year. Here is a review of 2010 in photo's

Nanaki with his toy plushy crab behind him.

Hamlet and his toy

Tom proposed, and we are planning a wedding for September 2011

I graduated from college with my B.A. in English and History. My Mum was very proud!

We bought a house in March!

On July 4 we went to an awesome antique sale, it was almost 100 degrees that day!

Getting in some swim time in Glen Arbor.

Blueberry picking!

Again very hot outside!

Went on a safari in Ohio!

Got a chance to hit a local corn maze!

I made bread!

My friend Sara got married!

I picked up knitting again with a great enthusiasm.

Hamlet got a new blue mouse.

Got an awesome package from my Cold Hands partner!

Went to Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum. Strange place.

A tree with presents in our new house.

One of many Christmas gifts. Blue Sky Alpaca yarn.

It was a great year. Hardships and trials, but happiness and excitement happened. I cannot wait till 2011! I am also going to post a few more times. Sorry for the absence, but I am also coming up on my 100th blog post. I will be holding a giveaway, so keep your eyes sharp!

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Sara said...

I loved this year end review post, Kel. Really!