Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow, Cold, Yarn

So, Tom is outside shoveling because our snow-blower (always sounds bad) is getting a tune-up, while I am inside (posting) yarn shopping with my lingering cold. . . mixed with allergies! With my trust box-o-Kleenex beside me and Tekzilla playing the background (yes, I am a geek!) I have been looking for a yarn that a fellow employee wants me to make something out of. I could not find it at the local yarn store LYS. But with luck, I found it! HAHA, but I am stuck with just buying one, or multiple yarns. . . oh the drama. Make it work the shipping! But what do I want???

So I was thinking Louisa Harding Kashmir Baby in Blue Eyes

Now, what would I do with this though. . .
I have a baby boy nephew (soon to be Tom's sister's) on the way very soon here and was thinking, 'this would be nice' but oh. . . what do I make with it????

Oh suggestion???

Who knows, perhaps I will find something else.

MMM cinnamon rolls are soon to find their home in my stomach!!

Well I did just find Pakucho Certified Organic Cotton in dark green. Hmmm. . . wheels are turning!

OH it's snowing again outside. . . what a SHOCKER!!!

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