Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hammy and the Mouse

Hamlet loves his new blue mouse.

This is his crazy face :)

And yes, he is very CHUNKY!!! Ham is the perfect nickname for this little bovine cat.

We have another cat. Nanaki, but honestly, Hamlet is a Mommy's boy.

He was also helping me make the bed Sunday. Or at least in his mind he was helping. Haha, every time I went to pull the sheet over and would roll, and stab and pounce to grab the sheet back.
He loves laundry. I should sneak a pic of him laying in the basket. I will load up the basket to go downstairs, and Hamlet will jump on top and take a ride down to the basement to help me with the laundry. (sad, I know) but honestly, it's better than lifting weights!! laundry probably 10lbs, Hamlet 14lbs, good lifting!

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