Friday, December 3, 2010

Love That Snow

Well everyone, it has been snowing here in Northern Michigan for a few days now. Not TOO much snow, but enough to do some serious damage. Someone was killed in a car accident the other night, so bad, they closed off a major road. I had to take a detour, and a 30 minute drive took over an hour to get home. Slow and steady wins the race though!

Ohhh the weekend. Yesterday I came down with a mild cold. However, I am pumping the Zinc and other homeopathic mumbo-jumbo (Tom speaking) into my system, along with tea!! Tea cures all!! I'm feeling better today! Can't really talk, but I'm better.

Tasks this weekend:
Finish scarf present
Finishing touches on some felted slippers
Start aviator hat
Finish ribbon tree
Put up Christmas tree
Finish decorating the house
Regular weekly chores

Sounds like a lot I know. It's do-able. I will have pictures. Plus my Uncle's 60th Birthday Tomorrow!!!! WEEE

So I will try to update over the weekend with pictures!!

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