Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Finals are next week!!! AHHH!!!!!! So I thought I would take a second to post. 

I've been knitting like a mad-woman. Legwarmer for a friends little girls. (yes only one pair so far. . . getting to the second one soon) I have to say, I think this year tops it. I think I am knitting one of everything. . . 
Will I get done with all of them? Challenge excepted. The hat(s) are the most recently added. I was just planning on knitting one. But then Tom's family does an exchange every year and this year. . . yes Hats. So.... why not add two more. I must confess though, one was already started, so I deemed it to go to this party :) Then, Tom was like, well what do I do. . . I wanted to say, learn to knit, but he gave me such a sad face. . . ugh. . . why do I bend?

I did take time to finish another pair of French Press Slippers. I think these are my best yet! 

Rookie also went to see Santa last week while we were at Petsmart. She looks a little scared (I know) Santa wasn't too sure how to hold her. But the money went to a shelter in the area-good cause. And she does look cute! haha!

So as the week comes to a middle, I am two exams away from finals week. Gulp! Knitting might take a back seat for next week. But it's worth it! Cause after next Friday it will be over with and a month break here I come!!!

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