Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Recap and Purchases: Stitches Midwest

Stitches Midwest was a BLAST!! I had so much fun this past weekend. We hopped into a car and headed on a 6 hour drive south to our yarn mecca! 

Friday night we decided to stop at P.F. Chang's. Now, I enjoy a good Chinese dish, however, I had never been to this place-there are none where I live. So we just had to do it. 

Lyn checking her cell phone while we wait for our table. 

Of course I had to get my picture taken with the giant horse!

Allison coming back from parking the car. 

Lyn was smart enough to book our room at the same hotel that Stitches was at! And a great deal, all we had to do was walk down to yarn paradise in the morning. We partook in the evening fun for a little bit-the p.j. party. 

Me fondling Malabrigo yarn. . . and Lyn fondling another yarn behind me. Haha!

We are about to get into the Market Session on Saturday Morning. 

I am really excited-can't you tell?

Our first purchase was at Yarn Pop, she makes adorable project bags!

Day two, sorry for lack of pictures, several booth wont allow photography, so my camera went away and my wallet came out!

Plucky Bulky! in Bleu! This will be a cowl!

Plucky Sock-will be the Stripe Study Shawl!

One hit wonders in what I believe is Icey Audrey (not sure, this was an impulse buy)

The light pink in Plucky worsted, and the cream is Sock.

Yes, I should have enough Plucky yarn to last me a while. 

This is my first Noro that I've bought-we shall see what happens. 

This little package of Roving was being handed out. 

Tot Toppers was great! I got two patterns with kid/adult sizes and yarn, Knitterella gift tag, and bag to make an adorable hat for my niece :)

My most interesting purchase has to be this sari yarn. It is scraps of sari's in India that are then sewn together to make this yarn-cannot wait to see what it turns into. 

I am gonna make the Shellseeker sweater, so I need a bulk amount of yarn. Dark blue and Cream. 

Madelintosh is lovely!

Malabrigo was giving away free patterns so of course I had to get some yarn. 

My Yarn Pop bag!

It was a lot of fun. I am tired though, so it will be a nice relaxing weekend at home! Really excited cause in less than two weeks, I start school!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your recap & pics! i'm jealous, oh wait, i was there too! nevermind, Lyn

Sarah B. said...

Oh how fun!! And I love the yarn you scored :)