Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here comes 2013!

Past couple of weeks have gone by so quickly, I'm not sure I remember all of it. It seems like ever since school ended, I've been on the go. Well hopefully with the new year, things will slow down a bit. 

Finals were amazing! and with a lot of studying I pulled off an awesome semester. Probably my best to date! Strange how going back to school changes my way of thinking. However, before it was mostly writing paper after paper, now it's test after test. This time though, it is different, I am not working like a made house with jobs, and in fact, I am only working part-time. Tom's new job last spring allowed me to take it easy. Cheers to that! 

So far I've managed to keep a good knitting schedule. I started a hat last night (pictures to come) and I plan to follow up with mittens and a scarf. Then, finish a few custom pieces for orders, Tom's sweater, and then I plan to start working on my own vest and sweater!! So far, knitting is piling up, but I love it. 

Tomorrow is also my first day observing in a specialty office, Oral Surgery-I am nervous and excited in the same boat. I hope that all the blood wont bother me too much, *cross fingers*.
School starts back up on Monday, Jan. 14, so I have two full weekends of knitting fun with friends and of course some Dr. Who! 

Happy 2013!!!!

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