Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Knits, Savings and Resolutions

Hard to believe that I will be starting back up with school on Monday! WOW! How the break just flies! But I am ready to get back into it all. 
However, I will be a little sad to miss all of my lovely knitting time. So I have been rushing to get a few projects finished up before my break ends. 

Using the cream colored yarn, which is sock yarn, I am making 
The Sid Cowl I've had this cowl in my queue for quiet a while now, and thought I should use up some yarn from Stitches Midwest Show. I did get a bit of yarn for Christmas from the hubs :) and two new books! (more later)

The two above are both Patagonia. I needed a new rain coat for awhile now, (didn't get it for Christmas) so I think I will start saving my pennies. I also really want to invest in a good pair of flats. They are such a staple for me in the warmer months, but I always buy cheap ones that last ohh. . .  one season and well don't have a good arch to them and hurt my feet. Now that I am in a profession that will have me standing on my feet more, I need something to kick around in that will help with my off time. Getting older, I realize that I need to take care of my feet more. :)

I purchased a LOVELY! Malabrigo Worsted in TARDIS BLUE!!! (Yes, that is a Doctor Who reference.) So I need an equally fitting hat. I actually started on another hat before Adiri Slouchy Hat. I think it worked well. :)

So resolutions this year

Enjoy sock knitting (I don't really like sock knitting, so I will make an effort this year)
Exercise more :)
Go on more walks with Rook
Be kinder to myself
Love my husband even more (if it's possible)
Go to more knitting conferences
Get a job in Dental Assisting

Not too lofty of a list I hope :) 


Cindii said...

I love knitting! Btw, I am hosting a bauble sway if you liked to check it out!

Jes said...

Duuuude, I have that coat. Are you thinking red? We'll be twins.