Monday, April 30, 2012

Georgia Cardigan KAL

So I think I have had this pattern for nearly 2 years in my favorites. So finally, with a KAL, I shall be knitting up this lovely piece. 

Jane is such fabulous designer-I have made many of her patterns. This is Georgia, which is a great cardigan!

I shall be knitting with Cascade Heritage in this lovely blue color. I had to search through my cardigan's in my closet to figure out which color I didn't have, and it turns out blue is lacking-strange cause I love blue. I'll be posting my progress :)

Happy Monday!


The Management said...

Happy Monday to you too! That is a cute cardigan. I too do the whole colour inventory deal before buying anything new. I'm not patient enough to make my own things, but you know, go you!

Also, 10 points for my rhyming.

Sarah B. said...

That's going to be a fabulous color for that cardigan!