Thursday, February 9, 2012


Sunday was once again SUPER BOWL!!! Wow how a year just flies by. This year was a bit more low-key than others, just family, however we had a Super Bowl FIRST! we Skyped Erin in from Iowa.

The meal-rather snacks I should say. Complete with table-clothe.

My parents Dog-Natasha is always ready for a party!

Caught in the moment-my Bro getting a plate full of food.

This year my Mum did a football cake. She switches between the field cake and the football one.


Oliver-my parents other dog being a good boy.

Tom won the first and third Quarter and Nic (my brother's girlfriend) won the second quarter.

He was pretty excited-so way I cause we always split the winnings.

Erin won the Trophy last year-so she handed it off to my Mum who won this year. We always take a photo of past winners.
Oh yeah, I got my hair-cut hahaha, I was waiting for another big reveal, but this will have to do for now.
Left to right
Adam (bro), Mum, Austin (step-dad), Me, Erin, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Cheri.
Tom and Nic have not won the trophy yet. But they came out the winners of the Quarters though.


Sara said...

Oh, I miss this so muuuuch. You guys introduced me to hockey and football and everyone looks so happy. How wonderful! HI ERIN IN IOWA!

MOOSE said...

Hi Sara!
Kelly that was fun, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!