Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trip to Ohio

As promised here is our trip to Ohio. We went to an African Safari on Saturday and Sunday Morning. Sunday was much better because all of the animals were super hungry.

This little guy is known as a Dik-Dik (yeah, I laughed too). He is the smalled Antelope in Africa. (Humor was not lost)

This is a pigeon. Man, too bad New York doesn't have birds like this.

The Giraffes were awesome!

Tom was trying to get their tongues out. They were super long.

I loved the Zebra's hair!

I was trying to get their crazy teeth, but instead got this shot instead.

Cali (Tom's niece) was feeding the baby giraffe.

They love love love carrots.

My fav was the buffalo! They were awesome.

This was a baby buffalo.

While I was taking this shot, my window was down and well another head came into my window and well the car was rocking a little bit. It was funny watching them stick their whole heads into the car looking for food. They were also slobbering. This guy's breath stunk!

They were soo cute.

Not sure what these guys were, but they were awesome. Couldn't feed them though.

This is a Scottish Highland Cow. He looks a lot hairier in the winter, but he had shed it all. He didn't want to move. . . poo.

However, these guys had no problem eating. The sign at the beginning at the Safari said "enter at your own risk" I was wondering what they meant until now.

Wildebeest were again in a separate pen. Sure they don't look as dangerous as the Longhorns.

Tom enjoyed the llama's. Their lips have a slit in them and they are like two fingers grabbing the food.

A deer from another family. Not sure what they were.

These male Elks were cool. They were trying to take the cup away from Tom.

The big Elk again.

Tom was trying to hold onto the cup.

The Marblehead Lighthouse. SUPER crowded.

Maui with the Frisbee

It was soo hot Saturday that swimming felt good.

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