Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rook, yard and crafting

So I know it's been awhile, seems like summers involve more playing less internetting (that is a word cause I just made it up)
I have also been prepping for another craft show this summer, training Rook, getting my amazingly awesome costume ready for Celia's birthday party! (Photo's to come) and so much more!

Rook is enjoying her first ever doggy ice cream. It was soo hot a couple weekends ago-since cooled off-but she needed something to cool off with. 

We are fixing up our backyard! There used to be a hideous shrub here-Tom and I ripped it out last Fall and but in ferns-well those did not survive the winter-so instead we replaced them with two rhododendron's, and a hydrangea. We are also planning a possible patio soon here!

As I said, I am prepping for my craft show. This is just a sample of what will be there-Coffee Sleeves! Great for that cup to go!

Couldn't resist another Rook photo-she flipped her ears back-strange dog. . . but she's ours :)

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The Management said...

Puppies are so cute with their crazy ears. Adorable.

I like the coffee sleeves, too :)