Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tickle Me Tuesday

Yeah, it's Tuesday already!! That means Monday is over with and tomorrow is the middle of the week. So, I'll be linking up with Sarah!

This week is things around my house, and well I love my new peacock blue fiestaware pitcher. It's filled with homemade lemonade. YUM!!

I got a wonderful pizza stone for my bridal shower from Tom's Aunt Deb. I LOVE IT!! I made homemade pizza my own crust and all. Soooo good, and it cooks the pizza so evenly, it's awesome!

Finally, Sunflowers! One of my favorite flowers! I love the bright yellow petals with the dark brown center! :)

Well August is here, insane! Because that means we have less than two months till out wedding. Let the super planning begin. Actually, I am not all that worried. Everything is on schedule.

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah B. said...

All of these are so home-y!! I love the look of that delicious pizza :)

Beth said...

Love fiestawear! and sunflowers...isn't it fun to spruce up your home with pretty things?!

Kelly said...

sunflowers. fiestawear. and pizza what's not to love! my pizza stone get's used like twice a week your gonna have so muh fun with it.

Sarah@totalbassetcase said...

I have that same pitcher and its one of my favorite items. The color is so fabulous!