Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wedding Stuff Madness

So, yesterday was a crazy busy day. I think we hit almost every single store that would contain TIES in the area. What was this all for you ask? For Tom's outfit. We finally got his suit picked out, he just has to get a fitting done so they can take it in.

We really liked the yellow and grey combo. WE also, after searching forever in stores did not find a yellow tie, well okay, we did not find a yellow tie that either of us liked. But we have found a few online :)
PLUS, after much searching and browsing online, I gave up cardigan shopping, and thought why not try some local stores. Actually I found one, not at a local store, but at talbots. I'm not a usual customer there, but there was a cardigan waiting for me. I little brighter, but heck, I can ALWAYS return it, but at least now I have one. CHECK!!! off the list! YAHOO!!! With a little over three months togo, I think we are in pretty good shape :)


Kelly said...

I love yellow and grey together!

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Oh, yellow and gray together is gorgeous. Love those inspiration images! Hope you find the perfect tie. ;)

mercedes.stott said...

Where'd you find the tie?